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so say it loud and let it ring
a friend to share the lonesome times
RyoFubuki chapter 1 
16th-Aug-2008 02:40 am
kurogane smile
Title: Room Mates
Pairings: RyoFubuki
Rating: M
Warnings:Language, yaoi, sex
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show.
Notes: This fic will take a very long time to update, due to all of my other multifics I'm working on. This is my first YuGiOh GX fic, so please comment!

Ryo relaxed as he entered the apartment he was currently renting. Throwing his jacket over his owrn couch, he walked upstairs, discarding clothes as he went towards his bedroom. The duelist tumbled onto his bed, groaning as he felt his muscles relax under the soft mattress.

Ever since he had left duel academy, after having washed up on shore, Ryo had been confused about a lot of things; not to mention his aggravation at having his duels limited and being all but forced to take medication for his ailing heart. He had to admit though, at least his manager hadn't been to annoying today and he had won his duel against some newcomer into the pro-leagues.

Not bothering to get under his covers, Ryo felt his heavy-lidded eyes closing from exhaustion, until he was snapped awake by his phone ringing downstairs. Glaring at his doorway, Ryo willed the phone to stop its wailing, but hearing it ring for the fifth time, the blunette grudgingly stood and made his way back downstairs.

"What!?" Ryo said venomously into the phone.


"Fubuki? What the hell do you want?" Almost all traces of anger left the stoic man as he heard he long time friends voice on the other end of the phone. It had been months since he'd last seen the guy. They had left on somewhat bad terms, still not seeing eye to eye on Ryo choosing victory over respect in his duels.

"Uh...could I ask you a favor?"

"What is it?"

"Could you come pick me up?" Ryo thought about what Fubuki could possibly have planned and figuring it was worse to leave the man to his own devices would be much worse than not keeping an eye on him, Ryo sighed and relented.

"Where are you?"

"In front of a comic book store." Fubuki laughed nervously into the phone as his friend hung up. The brunettte sighed before hanging up and moving to take a seat on a nearby bench. The man set his knapsack down and waited for Ryo to find him.



"Sorry for all of this, you were the only one I could think of to call." Zane didn't reply as he threw his keys on a nearby table.

"What are you doing in the city?"

"Well since I graduated, I had to leave the academy eventually so I figured I'd hop the next boat here and see if I could start a dueling career maybe." Fubuki laughed sheepishly as Ryo stared at him.

"Couldn't cut it?"

"No, I just arrived and I wanted to ask you something."

"What is it? I was trying to enjoy the rest of my day before you called."

"I was wondering if I could crash here for a bit?" That stopped Ryo in his tracks, turning around to look at the brunette. Fubuki avoided the other man's gaze, he hadn't wanted to sound to desperate, but in truth he couldn't really afford to get a place. He was hoping Ryo would show a little kindness, like he used to and let him stay.


"It would only be until I can get myself together." Fubuki looked down at his feet, looking a little put out by his friends harsh gaze.

"...How long?"

"About a month?" Fubuki smiled sheepishly as Ryo glared.


""Huh?" The brunette looked at his old friend with wide eyes, not believing the other had gone back on his word so quickly.

"Out, you're not staying for that long."

"Then what about a week or two?!" Ryo debated with himself and looking at the brunette pleading with him made him cave.

"Whatever, just don't get in my way." Reluctantly the taller man agreed and hoped that this wouldn't come to haunt him.

"Thank you Ryo." The blunette only looked at him before walking out of the living room and upstairs. Fubuki sighed and relaxed on the couch, trying to get his barrings, hardly believing the entire conversation. It seemed that Ryo wasn't as lost as he had previously thought if he was letting one of his so called 'weaknesses' stay in his home.

Running a hand through his hair, Fubuki wondered if he should go upstairs to ask Ryo where exactly he'd be sleeping for the night and where the bathroom was so he could shower, but after a few minutes of sitting on the couch he heard a door shut and water running and figured he could always wait until Ryo was in a better mood.


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