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so say it loud and let it ring

a friend to share the lonesome times

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maybe it's love

This is a Livejournal community that focuses on the relationship between Ryo Marufuji (Zane Truesdale) and Fubuki Tenjouin (Atticus Rhodes) of Yugioh GX. Either a romantic (ooh! slashy!) relationship and/or friendship. Whatever.
(1.)All posts need to have something to do with Ryo and Fubuki or either duelist by himself. Preferably not by himself. Other pairings are welcome but not as a focus. (2.)Use an lj-cut for any long text posts or large images. (3.)Please try not to lock posts to the community unless you absolutely have to. It makes browsing harder for non-members. (4.)Stop raping Sho. That's Ryo's job.
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